DJI’s Prosumer Drone Has Some Major Competition – Introducing the MMC F6 Plus.

sfg1 22.11.2016

Sponsored by MMC –  Chinese drone manufacturers dominate the market – but it looks like Shenzhen drone manufacturer MMC, specializing in industrial grade drones – is poised to give DJI’s prosumer Matrice 600 a run for the money.

mmc f6 plus

MMC’s F6 Plus is a true commercial drone at a very consumer friendly price.  The F6 Plus is a multi-function drone, featuring interchangeable mounts for varying industrial applications.  At 15.6 kg – about 34 pounds – it’s a drone small enough to fall under Small UAS regulations, and sturdy enough to carry a large capacity, 6 kg payload.


The real edge that the F6 Plus has to offer is the plug-and-play, universal mount.  This simple, customizable mount system allows the F6 to convert for a wide variety of applications.  With over 200 mounts, drone operators can switch out cameras and tools easily to allow the same drone to fill multiple needs.  Law enforcement teams with limited budget, for example, could purchase the F6 Plus with mounts such as cameras for search and rescue or surveillance during the day; thermographic image cameras for night work; the intelligent drop mount to deliver small supplies during emergency response; and tear gas delivery systems for riot control applications – many jobs for the price of a single drone.


mmc f6 plus

With all of the mount options available, the F6 Plus moves across applications – industrial inspection, mapping, agriculture, and power line stringing can all be handled by switching out tools.  This is great news for independent drone operators who may work in multiple industries: all the gear you need for one investment, and only one drone to train your team on.

mmc f6 plus

The F6 Plus offers customizable features including:

  • 200 payloads
  • “plug and play” universal mount system
  • double GPS to ensure an uninterrupted satellite signal
  • automatic safety kill switch
  • retractable landing gear





A feature by feature comparison with DJI’s Matrice 600, the F6 Plus’ closes competitor, shows the MMC commercial advantage. MMC With their focus on industrial drones, MMC’s development team has been able to give the F6 Plus the durability, precision, and power of a commercial drone – at a very cost effective price.   Payload, flight duration, max altitude and uses all come out ahead: but the price of the F6 Plus is about $1500 less.


MMC F6 Plus DJI Matrice 600
Max. Payload 6kg 6kg
Flight Time – 6kg-payload 22minutes 16 minutes
Flight Time – 10kg-payload 15minutes /
Hovering Accuracy (P-Mode, with GPS) Vertical: ±0.5 m, Horizontal: ±1.5 m Vertical: ±0.5 m, Horizontal: ±1.5 m
Max Pitch Angle 30° 25°
Max Wind Resistance 8 m/s 8 m/s
Max Flight Altitude above Sea Level 3500 m  2500 m 
GPS 2 1
Motor craft Mechanical coiling  Mechanical coiling 
Supported payloads 200+ 6
The plug-and-play platform open for development Yes no
Battery quantity
Applications Cross-functional applications Aerial Photography & Filming
Price $2980 $4599



At the end of the day, the interchangeable mount system makes the MMC drone more versatile – and the fact that it can be customized for any industrial application is going to be a major factor for enterprise.  The multi-function F6 Plus just offers more bang for the buck, making it a good choice for operators in any industry.